symbol LS2208
1.Durable, single-board construction
2.Scratch-resistant tempered glass exit window
3.Wide working range

symbol LS2208

1.Durable, single-board construction Meets stringent 5-ft drop tests.
2.Scratch-resistant tempered glass exit window Is designed for continuous use.
3.Accurate first-time capture of 1D bar codes Increased productivity, resulting in shorter check-out lines and better customer service.
4.Wide working range Delivers optimal performance from contact to 17 in (43 cm).
5.Multiple on-board interfaces Simplify installation and integration and ensures future compatibility.
6.Plug-and-play, with universal cable Means rapid deployment, with a single cable connecting to any computing environment.
7.Intuitive design Minimizes setup and training time.
8.Ergonomic, lightweight design Reduces user fatigue with sleek, balanced form for maximum comfort and productivity.
9.Hands-free Intellistand Enables presentation scanning and easy switching between hands-free and handheld modes.
10.Advanced Data Formatting (ADF) Enables users to modify data prior to sending to host computer, reducing costly modifications to the host software.


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